Thursday, 13 March 2008

Editing my new draft

Alhamdullilah.. after met George this morning, it seem that I have some positive feedback on my new draft. Amazingly he seem to reorder all the sections of my documentation and make it more in organize order. He also come out with a new hypothesis for the new research... I really surprised with his afford and the time he has to reorder and restructuring the content.

I need to put more detail explanation about the background research with more cited references in the methodology sections.. so far things goes well.. and like I mention before.. I really have good fate and believed in this new research topic.. Insyallah may Allah help me thru all the way..

This morning when I arrived at the department.. Suthanya mention about.. how her mother visit a witch doctor to know about her condition and situation.. I'm not surprised about the believed.. because we are Asian... in Malaysia people do visit witch doctor to get or know about something or even cast spell on people..

However.. I believed.. Allah always be the one where we should asked for anything.. either in sadness or goodness.. or whatever the condition is.. I do realized.. going thru this experience of PhD really made me realize about lots of things.. I learned about new things everyday.. look life at a different perspective..

Well I need to continue with the editing parts now.. and I have promised George to send my report back on Monday and again meet him next week.. Alhamdullilah so far I feel that I'm on the right track.. It will be long hours of programming and development stage afterwards.. finger cross and may all go well indeed.. insyallah..

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