Wednesday, 30 June 2010

'Gerhana' melanda kini..

 This is my work space in the livingroom..
Beside the room next door that I had converted as my study space..
It's near the window where I can feel the fresh breeze in the morning..
or the warm bright sunshine in the afternoon..
or the cold chill wind in the evening..
or spend most of my time looking at the dark glummy night while watching tv thru out the entire year..
and it is also where I spend most of my time reading my favourite books...

I Shuddered.
Carefully, I scrubbed out the entire paragraph with my eraser and I wrote over the top:

What about Charlie? She could have been after him.

Edward was shaking his head before I finished, obviously going to downplay any danger on charlie's behalf. He held a hand out but I ignore it and started again.

You can't know that she wasn't thinking about that, because you weren't there. Florida was a bad idea.

He took the paper from underneath my hand.

I wasn't about to send you off alone. With your luck, not even the black box will survive.

That wasn't what I'd meant at all; I hadn't thought of going without him. I'd meant that we should have stayed here together. But I was sidetracked by his response, and a little miffed. Like I couldn't fly cross country without bringging the plane down. Very funny.

So lets's say my bad luck did crash the plane. What exactly were you going to do about it?

Why is the plane crashing?

He was trying to hide a smile now.

The pilots are passed out drunk.

Easy. I'd fly the plane.

Of course. I pursed my lips and tried again.

Both engines have exploded and we're falling in a death spiral toward the earth.

I'd wait till we were closed enough to the ground, get a good grip on you, kick out the wall, and jump. Then I'd run you back to the scene of the accident, and we'd stumble around like the two luckiest survivors in history.

I stared at him wordlessly.
"What?" he whispered.
I shook my head in awe. "Nothing," I mouthed.
I scrubbed out the disconcerting conversation and wrote one more line.

You will tell me next time.

I knew there would be next time. The pattern would continue until someone lost.
Edward stared into my eyes for along moment. I wondered what my face looked like---it felt cold, so the blood hadn't returned to my cheeks. My eyelashes were still wet.

He sighed and then nodded once.


(Eclipse; Stephenie Meyer, Page 78-80.)
It's one of my fav part in the book..
I laugh so hard when I read it the first time.
It still make me laugh each time I come across reading it ;)

Eclipse - The Twilight Saga
My favourite book from all 4 and now 3rd Motion Picture (Movie)
US, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Sweden Release Date : 30 June 2010
Malaysia : 8 July 2010
UK : 9 July 2010..
UK Advance screening : 3rd & 4th July 2010..

Alah.. Kenapalah UK lambat screening dari US nie..
Ok bang.. kita p tengok midnite jumaat nie ok ;)
Jom.. Jom..
Yelah aku takut nanti dedua membuta jek kat panggung wayang tuh ;)


julietchun said...

aku tak penah membuta dalam panggung wayang, apa kata ko ajak aku,ehehehehe. sempat lagik curik masa baca novel.

iina said...


Ok next time aku bwk ko p tgk wyg ok hahaha.. buku tuh aku dah baca.. cuma beli baru sebab cover depan dia dr movie tuh hahaha.. original cover ye aku dah baca 3 kali ;))

kak Erna said...

iina..akak pulak..kalau ada novel dfilmkan..akak memang tak berapa suka nak tengok..sebab masa baca novel tu..akak dah bayangkan cerita tu sendiri..he he..

iina said...

Kak Erna

So far twilight, new moon and now eclipse nie yang so far saya follow.. sebab saya baca buku dia pun selepas saya tgk movie dia.. buku lebih interesting sebab lebih detail.. tapi kat skrin mana dapat nak masukkan semua part kan.. tapi yg paling best apa yg kita tgk dlm filem tuh 80% menepati ciri2 dlm buku tuh.. tuh yg rasa really excited nak tgk..

Akak kena cuba baca novel dia kak.. novel nie kegilaan seluruh dunia tau hahaha ;)

Ku Tak Sempurna said...

balik tgk kat mesia je la.. :D


errr.. bole tmnkan aku.. kompem tak membuta sbb kompem aku akan TERjerit


iina said...


tak trill ler balik mesia tgk film.. sini release date lgik awal.. esok ada premiere film nie kat london kalau aku nk p anytime jek hahaha.. klu balik mesia xde harapan ler nk p tgk premier tuh..

Ajak ko??? terjerit?? tak mohlah.. tgh nak syahdu2 tetibe jek ko jerit hilang mood wakakakah

Uncle Lee said...

Hello iina, I love your blog header pic. So serene, and the solitude, not to mention the lake for fishing.
Regret I never heard this book or movie, I guess I hardly see movies or read the 'entertainment' section of papers....actually I stopped reading papers long ago, when retired.

But reading your mention here, looks exciting....might check it out.
Nice workstation you have, looks comfy, add iced coffee, itu la dia, ha ha.
Have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

iina said...

Uncle Lee

Yeah I spend most of my internet time near the window.. last time I used to stay in my study room but feel like clastrophobic.. no fresh air hahaha.. so move space to open air..

Well.. actually the book target is for teenager.. but the writer wrote that novel when she in her early 30s.. but people from all ages have read the books.. I started to read it when I watch the 1st movie and got excited more when the 2nd movie arrived.. then I go deep into reading the books and get totally hooked.. hehehe.. jiwang punya ceritalah uncle lee..

Yeah u might check it out.. I like the way stephenie style of writing very interesting and I can hardly put down the book when I started reading.. not all books have that kind of impact to me.. not even my research paper..

You too have a pleasant evening.. and enjoy the sunshine and warm weekend.. I hope it's warm in toronto.. Take care yeah ;)

KAKTINY said...

tepuk dahi 18 kali.. iina iina.. adoi yaiiii... kehkehkehkeh....

iina said...


baru 18 kali.. ko tepuk lagik 2 kali jadi 20 hehehe.. ;;)

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