Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My new draft proposal

Finally.. today I managed to finish up my new proposal draft.. in just 2 days I have to come out with a new proposal for my new research topic. I met George on Monday.. discuss about the issues.. relevant information.. draw up the methodology flow.. and come out with my own objectives and research questions..

Doing and searching about something that you have never heard before is really hassle and tiring. I slept last nite at around 3.30am.. sleeping at nite now become restless, sleepless and full of worries.. now I started to dream about lots of things.. disturbing sometimes.. and everytime I wake up in the morning.. the worries seem to continue thru out the day..

Alhamdullilah.. May Allah guide me thru.. and give me strength to face the challenges.. I realized that there will be more ahead in future.. finally around 12pm in the afternoon, I have managed to email George the new draft with 7 pages in detail about all the relevant questions that need to be answered. Just that I didn't managed to come out with a full research background which need more reading and understanding about SCORM, LMS, learning objects and etc..

Tomorrow I'll see George at around 11.30 to get some feedback about the draft.. Hopefully that I'm on the right track even though I have lots of questions crawling around in my mind.. I really hope that he will set the annual review date as soon as possible around next month but with condition that I also feel confident about the new research area..

Looking back at what had happen previously.. I know there are something good about it.. yess it's really tiring and stressful when you have to start everything all over again.. but I believe Allah have set this fate for me.. I strongly believed.. there are good things as well as struggling moments that I would have to face along the way..

Insyallah.. finger cross.. may tomorrow appointment with George give me lots of good news..

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