Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sending the KPT report

Alhamdullilah.. today I managed to settle the posting process of my KPT report.. I'm glad that the department provided the services where you can just send the letter thru the department office.. just use the envelopes, put your report in.. and stamped it with air mail sticker and put it in a tray for sending out.. hopefully that letter will be mail out to Malaysia next week.. and wish I'm in that letter so that I can arrive back home as well hehehe

Today on my way to department.. I stopped by at Alexander Turnbull Building to get all the assessment paper for tomorrow class at Jordanhill.. I'll be handling assessment session from 1-3pm. Actually I have handled the class last semester last year but just for the assessment session it was schedule for semester this year.. I hope the student have prepared for the assessment and tomorrow it's going to be a very busy session indeed..

On my way up the hill to livingstone tower.. suddenly.. snow flakes coming down heavily.. earlier this morning while heaving my breakfast.. it's raining with small ice drop.. I started to realise when I heard the noisy sound coming from the windows.. but here in glasgow.. either it's raining snow or ice.. it will only takes a few minutes.. it won't last long..

oh yess I have to let John know that I'll be coming late to work due to assessment session tomorrow.. So that means I have to do some extra work today.. because I'll be working for 2 hours tomorrow instead of 3 hours.. ahh a very tiring day again today.. need to wipe all the tables.. clean the fridge.. wipe all the windows panel.. oh goshh.. malasnya..

but for extra money.. you need to work.. and it's a good exercise to lose weight and people start to realise that.. hehehe... dah kurus sikit.. well time for solat zohor..

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