Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Helping out

Today kak khadijah and her family moved into their permanent house at 123 Albert road.. well not really that far from my house.. but on the other side of the road.. need to walk thru up a hill side.. passing thru some rich and bungalow house.. and just opposite the crosshill railway station..

Abg shah has promised earlier to help with the moving. Around 9am.. he arrived and started to pick and transfer all the begs and things to their house. Due to their moving in.. I decided to absent from the department today heheh ponteng... After sending all the stuff to the house.. we went to Bonnypack to buy some new stuff for the new living.. all the household things.. glasses.. cup .. plates.. knife.. cutlery set.. bedding.. duvet.. pillows.. well you just can imagine all the stuff that you need to start a new life in a new home.. I still remember the day when we brought all those stuff.. and I remember how hubby had to bring along a set of dinner plates.. cups and glasses.. Just imagine how he manage to handle all those heavy stuff on the way home by bus.. so hassle and tiring.. but we manage it out in the end..

I guess all new families here were so lucky to have people helping around.. guiding them thru all the way.. advice them and all other stuff that they need to do .. I remember how life was for both of us when we were in Edinburgh 7 years ago.. how we only have about 2 weeks before we arrived in Edinburgh.. Nobody wait for us at the airport.. for 5 days we stay at the hostel.. 3 days at the university hotel.. then another 2 days at the hostel.. and as well.. classes have started.. how I try to look for house while attending classes.. most housing in Edinburgh if you want to rent it you have to go thru an agency.. all the viewing appointment.. the tiredness.. the frustation.. the pressure and decline.. I remember how it takes us around 1 and half month to find a house.. and while looking for houses.. we manage to rent a room from a bruneian family whom his wife is a Japanese. They have 2 little kids.. mohd ryota and nayumi.. I always remember how ryota will asked both of us a same question every day.. "uncle auntie.. where are you going??" and every day I had to tell him that I'm going to school.. heheh..

well that life .. even thou life in Edinburgh was hard and difficult.. I manage to finish my study in a year.. and graduate.. Now I'm here again.. in a different city.. but the life seem to be the same.. there are happy and sad moments.. but that is life.. we need to be strong and have faith within our heart.. may Allah bless us all the way insyallah..

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