Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My KPT report form

Today George stopped by to hand in my KPT report that I submitted to him 2 weeks ago but accidentally I was doing my prayer in my room. He must be so suprise to see I perform the prayer act.. but I do believed that he knows about it especially when he used to travel around southeast asia. I try call him back at his room but nobody answer.. probably his around somewhere. A few more minutes I called him back.. and yesss he answer the phone.. and quickly I rush my way to his room. Alhamdullilah finally I got my KPT report form.. and then we talk about calling someone to arrange my attachment in a school in glasgow. He'll be a bit busy this few days because his going to India for 10 days next month..

Alhamdullilah.. I got my KPT report form back.. and I'll submit it tomorrow to KPT.. need to find the address and make few photocopies for UPSI and FTMK, my department where I work in Malaysia. So far thing look good alhamdullilah.. and hopefully it will be as well in the near future.

This morning I chat a while with kak Haizan.. and catch up with Kumar.. the new malaysian PhD student. He seem to regret his choice of studying here.. so many to read.. aihh baru sampai seminggu.. xkan menyesal kot.. I tease him around.. well probably because he is new to the place.. not really know his place around.. sampai makan nasi briyani beli kat tesco pun tak sedap.. kesian.. beli nasi frozen pastu heating in microwave mestilah xsedap..

Then I said you probably need to come around where we stay.. so you can get all the things that you need.. chicken.. rice.. curry and so on.. nantilah kata kak haizan.. kami jemput datang rumah.. hehehe,.. itulah nasib orang bujang.. kat mesia beli je apa nak makan.. kat sini terpaksalah makan roti je.. but it true.. living in different country make you miss your home more.. especially the food.. but trust me you can adjust with the taste afterward :)

Well.. I need to prepare some things. I'll be going for work in few minutes.. ahh work again.. malasnyaa.. hehehe

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