Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday blues

Monday.. ahhh.. again.. the lazy mood.. today it just like always.. but since kak khadijah childrens are still around.. the house seem to be a bit chaotic.. her sons running around the house.. and I keep myself busy preparing the breakfast.. just scramble egg with bread.. and last nite spaghetti.. some prawn crackers and fried eggs..

Around 9.20am.. hubby arrived from work.. ate his breakfast and on his way to work again.. like always and usual.. just around 10 minutes then.. wuupps.. his gone again.. after that I started to prepare my things and make my way to the bustop.. kak khadijah accompany me along.. but since she already promised with khaliza to go to Jordanhill campus.. so I end up on my way alone.. taking the 66 bus.. I stoped at the St Enoch Centre.. and start making my way to Clinton Cards shop.. looking for cards.. while window shopping around..

Finally, I made my way to the department.. carrying my heavy beg.. and some books that I brought from the works book shop.. I started to feel so tired.. and again Monday blues.. hit me again..

well today nothing much to do.. just reading some emails.. surfing the net.. and kak haizan sent me sms asking me out for lunch.. we went to the Todd cafe.. me, kak haizan, ann and amang.. me and kak haizan had haddock with sauce.. with mash potatoes.. carrot.. soup and dessert.. while ann and amang had their tomato pizza and desert.. and after finishing my lunch plus additional lunch from ann.. (she mumble it's awful and the pizza was too sour.. but I manage to finish it up.. hehehe.. hungrylah) then I started to feel so full and sleepy.. hehehhe..

Well on my way to work.. I really feel so sleepy and tired.. I don't know why I feel so tired this few weeks.. may be I don't really have enough rest.. with busy weekend.. with visitor.. with work.. and lots of other things.. but.. I really need to take a break.. really need to take some time off .. emm off again?? emmm.. entahlah... however.. today people start to tell me that I look slim.. hehehe.. dah kurus.. perasan lah pulak kejap.. kurus ke.. seronok juga dengar.. happy to hear that after years of having a big body.. and trying to loss weight.. and now I start to feel the effect.. lots of muscle develop.. and also tiredness coming around all the time.. and also losing my appetite.. maybe again.. I need to take care myself.. take vitamin.. and get enough rest..

ok.. need to take some rest.. and sleep..nite2 everyone

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